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    In order to have an efficient and no blisters workout, you need a pair of gym pads. Initially, a lot of people buy another type of weightlifting gloves, but because of our fitness gloves which are made of a special material that offers you comfort will help you also against slipping. The bars, regardless of their weight, will not slip out of your hands. But in addition to grip, our alternative Crossfit gloves really help you get the performance you want to achieve during your workout.

    Our fitness pads protect the hands from injuries, bumps, and other possible accidents during any training. They are equipped with four finger hooks for better retention, have an ergonomic design and provide optimum grip. Also, this pads model are specially made when you want to use heavy weights and will strengthen your grip because the workout pads are made to last.

    Grip Pads and their benefits:

    ● Protects against blisters and injuries during training
    ● They are equipped with finger hooks for better retention
    ● Their ergonomic design allows for optimum grip
    ● Minimal design with maximum power
    ● Easy to clean
    ● Universal size

      Quality and safety: Many athletes use these alternative Crossfit gloves for a better grip when lifting weights to protect their hands because blisters are very common during training. As we said our Gym Pads - Legendary Workout can replace the classic weightlifting gloves, offering you the possibility to have a more comfortable training, thanks to a special foam that is inside witch is very soft. The fitness pads absorb the pressure on the wrists, thus long and tiring exercises are better supported, due to the increased cushioning.

      Better grip: With these workout pads, you ensure a better grip so that you can do more repetitions during training. The secret of these innovative fitness pads is the special foam that will help you against slipping, which at the same time protects the wrists from wounds. The pads are designed especially to have a perfect grip due to the way it is arranged. These pads can also be used as bodybuilding gloves because they offer such good protection and a strong grip.

      The material: Because they are intended for prolonged and repeated use, the workout pads are made of durable materials. The gloves provide a good grip because of our special foam and have high wear resistance.

      Comfort: One of the main purposes of using gym pads is to improve the grip, especially when using them for lifting weights, which can slip easily and cause accidents if the moisture accumulated does not dry out quickly. That is why our weightlifting gloves with neoprene help to dry the hands quickly.

      Unique design: The gloves have a modern design, with which you can do a better exercise and look great! You will have a comfortable and stable grip thanks to this amazing design, and you will be able to have intense training every day.

      Easy to use: Everybody can use these gym pads because they easily slip on and off and are excellent for any type of exercise. The universal size makes it easier for you to get the perfect workout pads, without risking any injuries that may be caused by the wrong size.

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