Barbell Pad

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  • Description

    Our barbell pad is designed for defining the musculature, and to provide comfort and protection for the back and shoulders during your squat exercises. The barbell padding is made of thick foam to protect you during your weightlifting exercise and it allows you to perform the exercises safely. It is designed to evenly distribute the weight. When you make the squat using the barbell pad, it will help you correct this basic exercise form which will grow your legs and you will be able to perform this exercise on each training. The best way to have a safe and easy exercise is to use a barbell pad that is easy to install and remove. 

    Our squat pad has an ergonomic design, is compact and portable due to the carry bag that comes with it and is made of comfortable foam, resistant to moisture and perspiration. Using this barbell pad for squat, you can have a safe workout with a fast and secure grip. No more aching shoulders, stiff back, and neck pain after heavy barbell squats and weightlifting exercise. Barbell Pad Legendary Workout is the perfect product for your fitness routine and the ideal accessory for a better and more secure workout.

    It can be used by men and women, anytime, anywhere, as it is easy to carry, deposit and install on the barbell. Just slide it over and begin your exercise.

    Our barbell pad helps you reduce discomfort, no matter how much weight you are lifting during your workout


    Benefits of the Legendary Workout Barbell Pad:

    • easily fit most barbells
    • very strong and comfortable foam
    • protects the neck and shoulders during weight training
    • easy to clean
    • compact and portable
    • high-quality material

    Comfort: Our barbell pad for fitness barbells and weightlifting exercise is made of extra-thick foam to ensure comfort and protection against blisters and injuries. Is very light and has an amazing design that distributes weight during a workout, so you can have better performance and great results faster.

    Portable: Due to the ergonomic design and the carry bag, this squat pad is compact and easy to transport to the gym. Is has the perfect size and weight, so you will be able to take it anywhere with you and install it fast and easy on the barbell.

    Neck and shoulders protection: The barbell pad for squat protects the spine, the neck and shoulders during workouts, helping you to lift easier, and also to get a better grip. It is ideal for protecting the back of the neck while lifting the barbell. You can have a better performance, work more and gain strength faster, because this neck pad absorbs impact and reduces pains, allowing you to have a more intense workout.

    High quality: The squat bar neck pad is made of a strong and resistant material that won’t flatten when you use very heavyweights. This Barbell Pad from Legendary Workout is made with quality comfortable foam, resistant to moisture and perspiration. The pad remains securely fastened during lifts, as it is made of non-slip and thick foam.

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