Arm Blaster

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  • Description

    Our Arm Blaster isolates the biceps while you use dumbbell heavyweights and you will get maximum safety and efficiency, due to a very robust aluminum design.

    The biceps isolator is equipped with comfortable adjustable straps and offers two softening pads for better comfort.  This biceps builder will also help you improve blood circulation in your arms and in this way, you will get much more pumped biceps and triceps in a short time.

    Our biceps bomber is built in such a way that it will keep your back and elbows locked until you flex with the bar or the dumbbells. It also isolates the shoulders and protects against contusions. During your workout, the back should stand upright to avoid any accident this is why you need an arm blaster.


    The benefits our Arm Blaster:

    Safe and comfortable: build from high-quality aluminum so you can work better! Your performances will be improved with certainty and you will have a more upright posture. This bodybuilding has a foam-padded on each side to help you rest the arms with ease; so even if the arm blaster is robust, you will be very comfortable using it. Having the strap adjustable, it will perfectly fit on anyone else and the neck neoprene padding will help you to avoid rashes.

    Modern design: Exceptional design that allows you to look great in any fitness room. This innovative device will help you to have stronger arms when you perform your heavy bicep curls with minimum effort.

    Maximum quality: This is the best product you can buy on the fitness market which offers you comfort, safety, strength, the ability to have a proper workout and all of these benefits at an amazing price. 

    Characteristics of the isolator:  Arm Blaster from Legendary Workout pumps your muscles better than other similar devices. The straps resist heavyweights exercises and keeps your muscles under pressure, concentrating more blood and helping to build muscle faster and easier. It has an exceptional design that focuses on the hands, arms and wrists exercises. With our biceps isolator, you will not cheat during any arms workout and it will make you maintain the perfect position while building your arms muscles.

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