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    Legendary Workout Ankle Straps 


    Ankle Straps Legendary Workout helps you improve your workouts and weight lifting potential using proper technique. The ankle straps for cable machines are perfect for any exercise, helping you to tone and train your leg muscles! The ankle straps are made of durable, high quality material. This product is a practical accessory for any legs exercise, is fully adjustable and is equipped with a steel ring that can be attached to any standard cable systems. In this way you can train your leg muscles, especially the thighs.

    No matter what type of exercises you do at the gym, whether is weightlifting or some light leg training, is very important to protect your ankles with a high quality ankle strap. The ankle straps are padded on the inside with a soft material that does not injure the skin, have fastening rings for extra safety and are provided with adjustable locking system. The most common use of these straps is for fitness because they can be connected to a multifunctional device, but can also be used in your own home if you have an expander (elastic cord). You can use the ankle straps to train your leg muscles daily, as they are very comfortable and safe.


    • Fitness accessory designed to build strength and endurance especially for legs, buttocks and hips
    • The thickness of the sponge ensures safety and comfort for your ankles
    • Double steel ring for connection to any type of cross cable device
    • Made of durable, high quality material
    • Easy to adjust size
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Legendary Workout Ankle Straps and their benefits


    More leg strenght: You can train your leg muscles, especially the thighs, calves, buttocks, and gain more strenght in you legs, using ankle straps. The ankle straps are amazing for leg extensions, hip abductors and many leg exercises. Using these straps you can have a better and more comfortable workout.

    Comfort: The material ensures safety and comfort for your ankles. This special accessory helps you move freely and not worry about blisters or injuries. What makes the ankle straps so comfortable, is the thickness of the sponge, offering you the stability you need for a correct exercise. The straps are adjustable, for a perfect fit. Plus, the straps are lightweight, small and very easy to transport or store.

    Quality and safety: The thick sponge ensures safety and comfort for your ankles, and the material is very durable. There is no risk of breakage, no matter how long you use them or how much weight you lift with these ankle straps. The double stitching and reinforced steel double D-RING ensures a long life for your ankle straps, while properly securing weights.

    Diversity: The design is made to fit both the needs of women and men. The ankle straps are made in two colors, one black, available for men but also for women, and pink ankle straps for women. The ankle straps for women are the same legendary workout straps, the only thing that is different is the color.

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